Organic Store

Don't Panic its Organic!

About Us

Initially Organic store deals in fresh fruits and vegetables. In start we run our operations from single outlet. We deliver our products on door step also deals walk in customer. The organic store is socially responsible firm they will run their operations environment friendly they will use grocery/ food bags instead of plastic bags. 

Mission statement :
The organic store delivers its products all across the twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Vision Statement :
Insha Allah! The Organic store will become one of the largest companies of agriculture field it will have its farms delivers its healthy and organic products all across the Pakistan, also export its surplus.

About Us :
Big business doesn’t grow from huge investment but it grows from big idea, we believe that our thoughts are faithful and loyal to nature and its countrymen. The Organic store is the new generation business thought. The Organic Store CEO believes that health is everything it’s hard for general public to visit market just to purchase healthy and organic grocery: this process also consumes time and energy. So The Organic Store solved the problem of general public by delivering the Organic fruit and vegetables at doorstep. Store saves the time, energy and money of its customers just because health first. The Organic Store cares its customers as like the mother cares the kid’s food intake. 
The Organic Store CEO believes that social responsibilities are much important then earning money for any firm. Then he took the decision that they will work for Mother Nature. Pakistan is an agriculture country but unfortunately because of modernization and industrialization destroying its strength of agriculture. Global warming is changing the climate of Pakistan since many years with huge increment, also the earth water level consistently getting low; due to lack of rains. On initial stages of the store CEO took these two decisions for Mother Nature:
1. Plastic will not be use in shape of Packaging bags or other source Instead of Plastic bags The Organic Store will serve its products in food/grocery bags.
Store Outlet  :
As CEO decides that store will be environment friendly and support Mother Nature. The racks and shelves are made of Bamboo wood. Instead the use of plastic basket it will be made of date tree leaves for staging and customer handling. 

Shop#36, The grande phase 3, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.